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Established Oak tree planted in English park

Tree Management & Tree Consultancy Services In Frome, Warminster & Beyond

Based in Warminster, Noble Trees provides professional and intuitive advice for all arboricultural projects for estates, private homes and local authorities across Wiltshire, Somerset and Dorset. With more than 25 years of experience in this domain, our team of arboricultural consultants, plantsmen and arborists provides you with comprehensive consultancy services covering all aspects of your arboricultural project, including ancient tree management. We provide professional surveying, reporting and testing services and help you with complete project planning, development and implementation. 

If you require more detailed information on our services or would like to opt for our consultancy services, do get in touch with us. You can call or message us to share your requirements. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Our Arboricultural Consultancy Services

Here are a few examples of the professional surveying, reporting and testing services we offer to cover your project requirements.

Tree Surveys icon

Tree Surveys:

  • Tree condition surveys

  • Wildlife and habitat surveys

  • BS5837 surveys

  • Pre-purchase and mortgage surveys

  • Impact assessments

  • Arboricultural method statements

  • Climbed tree inspections

  • Decay detection surveys

Planning services icon

Planning Services:

  • Local authority liaison

  • Planning applications for TPO and conservation areas

  • Provision of professional opinion

Project Development icon

Project Development:

  • Species selection advice

  • Sourcing and supply of quality tree stock

  • Bespoke design consultancy

Root and Soil treatment icon

Root and Soil Treatments:

  • Airspade root investigations

  • Radial mulching

  • Vertical mulching and terraventing

  • Soil analysis

  • Correction of nutrient deficiency and soil compaction

Tree Disease Diagnostic icon

Tree Disease Diagnosis:

  • Inspections for insect damage, fungal infections and bacterial problems

  • Analysis of change in the rooting environment

  • Tree safety assessments

Ancient Tree roots

Ancient Tree Management

Ancient trees are often seen as a risk but the knowledge and wealth of experience Noble Trees holds will ensure they are assessed with a pragmatic and measured approach.

With regular attendance of The Ancient Tree Forum’s seminars, Noble is one of the leaders in ancient tree management.

Demian has a passion for the guardianship of ancient trees and has extensive experience in managing these historic living organisms and recognising their importance to the biodiversity of their surrounding environment.

All recommendations will ensure the safeguarding of reliant wildlife so that rare invertebrates such as the Violet Click and Stag Beetles will thrive and animals such as Pipistrelle bats and rare birds can continue to nest undisturbed.

Contact Our Experts On 07812 604367 Or 01985 844709 For Advice On Ancient Tree Management And Preserve The Priceless Old Trees In Your Estate.

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